About World Wonders

Discover and explore the Earths most famous, unique and interesting places though a map of earth! World Wonders contains over 100 amazing objects that can be seen on google maps satellite view. Objects are broken up into categories and information about each object (such as location) can be seen.

See Shipwrecks, Plane Crashes, The Worlds Tallest Buildings, Futuristic Architecture, Haunted Locations and more. If you've ever wondered what Niagra Falls looks like from space, you can see it here. Get a bird's eye view of Disney World on a fully interactive map where you can zoom in, out and pan left and right.

I hope you enjoy using the app I have created, if you have any questions please contact me.

Created By

World Wonder's was created by Mox Mobile. Mox Mobile specializes in bringing innovative solutions to a mobile world. I am always looking for new projects. If you think I can help you out, please get in touch with me.